Skoolsign Resources is in the business of providing a wide range of stationeries and equipment to fulfll every school requirements, ensuring better study environment for students. With our great capability in searching wide range of products, Skoolsign is able to provide:

  • Clubs and activities uniforms
  • Custom design sportswear
  • Classroom stationeries
  • Exercise books, textbooks, revision books
  • Admin supplies
  • PA system
  • Sports equipments
  • Merchandises

And many more to pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, even institutions as well.

We stood more distinctive as our team understands school activities from past experiences dealing with all types of schools therefore we are knowledgeable in providing ideas and advices to help you fulfil your findings and satisfying your needs for individual schools within school fund.

In Skoolsign, we emphasize highly on every product quality. Our stationeries and equipments are ensured to be made of best materials in affordable prices. From time to time, Skoolsign keeps update with the latest technology and provide product of better performance and quality specification.

Our understanding and committed team listen and advice the best for every of our customers. We brainstorm for solution and provide choice of solution in favour for the school needs. We have available stocks and ready supplies for most of our products, while we are also flexible to custom made and seek for new equipment needed for individual school based on request.

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